Service: Mastering and Production

Rick Harris via Flickr CC2.0

Would you like to give your recording that professional edge?

Our in-house audio engineer Christopher Leon is here to help. If you have a recording of yourself or your band, ensemble, choir, or orchestra, Christopher will push the sound to a professional level so you can distribute your music with confidence. Email or fill out the form below for more information.

About Christopher Leon

IMG_0907 - CopyTasmanian composer and music producer Christopher Leon runs CutCommon’s in-house mastering service. He has worked with leading young composers in giving their recordings a professional sound for distribution. Christopher graduated in 2013 with a major in Music Technology from the University of Tasmania. In 2011, he worked on the team producing the score for American feature film Christmas With The Dead, and in 2013 was responsible for scoring and recording three TV commercials for the state government. Christopher has worked in live broadcast operation and co-hosted and produced radio show Eurohour, showcasing European music. Since picking up the guitar at age 12, Christopher has performed his own classical and Flamenco influenced guitar compositions across Tasmania and has swept through multiple genres on his way to electronic and orchestral music production. He now holds the position of production assistant with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. You can hear some of his contemporary music compositions on his website.



Image Rick Harris via Flickr CC2.0.

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