Am I really creative?

January 7, 2018

BY SCOTT MCINTYRE, COMPOSER   “Right now, it’s only a notion, but I think I can… make it into a concept, and then later, turn […]

Composer Secrets: Catherine Golden

November 13, 2017

BY SEAN BOTHA, COMPOSER Composer Secrets is our interview series from Sean Botha, whose vision is to build awareness of new Australian composition. These interviews are […]

Work hard and you [won’t] make it

August 9, 2017

BY CHRISTOPHER HEALEY, COMPOSER   Our entire society might be said to be built on some fairly basic values. Most of our laws, for example, […]

What we learnt at the TSO Composers’ School

October 19, 2016

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE   This year, four leading young composers took part in the Symphony Australia/Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Composers’ School. Undergoing an intense week of […]

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