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First rock, then Baroque

May 4, 2016

BY ROBERT MACFARLANE   While putting together my program for the Australian Bach Society’s concert The Path to Bach on 7 May, as the snow […]

The best blind date ever

April 7, 2016

BY TAMARA KOHLER   My ensemble Rubiks Collective is in the midst of what our feature artist has deemed “the best blind date ever” as […]

Blog: AYO National Music Camp

January 16, 2016

BY ANTONIA ZAPPIA   CutCommon contributor Antonia Zappia blogs about her experience of this year’s Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp. Writing from the Words About Music […]

Originality versus….?

January 5, 2016

BY SCOTT MCINTYRE   Originality has been an obsession of mine. As a young composer studying at the University of Melbourne in the early 1990s, […]

Music + Dance: A Diary

December 22, 2015

BY LEAH BLANKENDAAL     Over two weeks, four young choreographers and five sound designers gathered in the West Australian State Theatre Centre. Guided by […]

The Sound of Snowflakes

December 20, 2015

BY BENJAMIN MARTIN   It is said that Bartok had a special fondness for fir cones and sunflowers. Given their degree of logarithmic elegance, my […]

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