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Eulogy for the Compact Disc

July 23, 2015

BY TAMARA KOHLER   I recently sold my Panasonic RX-ES30 Power Blaster on eBay; a cherished eighth birthday gift and the vestibule for all of my […]

Why I Admire My Students

February 9, 2015

BY BEC TILLEY   As a teacher, I find myself incredibly proud, and in awe, of my students on a regular basis. Twice in the […]

Read. Think. Write.

January 3, 2015

BY MEGAN BURSLEM   When I was in grade five, I recited Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood at my primary school fete. I can’t remember exactly […]

Composition: A Five Point Plan

December 14, 2014

BY YANPENG ZHANG   I was born in Northeast China in 1989. In my early years, my parents were very surprised at my talent and […]

Brahms: A Love Story

October 7, 2014

BY LUCY RASH   Dearly beloved: I have an announcement to make. Though I’m not usually one to declare such feelings so openly, I wish […]

Blog: Journey to Armenia

April 26, 2014

BY MEGAN BURSLEM   I recently completed a Master of Arts in Music Performance at Monash University. At the beginning of this course, I was […]

University: Not as Easy as Disney Says

April 26, 2014

BY GABRIELLE RUTTICOI recently watched Disney-Pixar’s new release Monsters University. At the time, I was about two weeks from moving out of home to study music […]

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