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Rubiks: ‘things are become new’

November 26, 2015

BY KAYLIE MELVILLE   Things are become new! This weekend Rubiks, Melbourne’s newest contemporary art music ensemble, will present its debut concert at the Carlton […]

When 104 flutes go to court

October 1, 2015

BY TAMARA KOHLER   Here I am sitting at Melbourne airport on the way to the first soloist rehearsal for the Australian premiere of Salvatore Sciarrino’s […]

SoundSCAPE: An Australian in Italy

August 18, 2015

BY NAOMI JOHNSON   Contemporary music is full of juxtapositions: great flurries of notes and ethereal suspense, the intimacy of a single instrument and the […]

Eulogy for the Compact Disc

July 23, 2015

BY TAMARA KOHLER   I recently sold my Panasonic RX-ES30 Power Blaster on eBay; a cherished eighth birthday gift and the vestibule for all of my […]

Why I Admire My Students

February 9, 2015

BY BEC TILLEY   As a teacher, I find myself incredibly proud, and in awe, of my students on a regular basis. Twice in the […]

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