The Novice’s Guide to Change

December 2, 2017

BY JOHN PARKER, COMPOSER   John Parker is one of the composers taking part in Locally Sourced – a Brisbane classical and jazz musician initiative […]

When Gamelan meets Western art music

November 30, 2017

BY CHLOE SANGER   I SAID NEON is a concert comprised of brand new compositions inspired by the music of Indonesia. They’ll include a mixture […]

Hoang Pham: My needs as a soloist

November 30, 2017

Pianist Hoang Pham will perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre this week, backed by the Zelman Symphony. As a soloist, he tells us what he […]

Composing to the beat of a new drum

November 21, 2017

What defines an Australian composer today? How do they create music? And where do composers see new music heading in the future? Naomi Johnson speaks […]

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