EOI: Be part of our inaugural PRINT launch!

You're all invited

We are going to PRINT.


That’s right. Things are gettin’ physical.

Since 2014, the team behind CutCommon has been working hard to showcase emerging artists across Australia.

It’s been our goal to share the stories that we felt deserved to be heard. We wanted to break through the publishing industry and create a major community centre for young and emerging classical musicians in Australia.

So that’s what we did – online. But we’re now excited to announce that we CutCommon is officially going to print, with our inaugural issue released at the start of 2018.

You might not know it, but over the past few months our print magazine has been evolving behind the scenes. We’ve worked with leading young writers to share candid stories, and interviewed artists breaking ground in our industry. And we’re set for our launch across more than 20 secret locations that we’ve handpicked in Australia – so far.

That’s where you come in.

Our print magazine will be a limited edition and will be sent to locations across the country as part of our roving launch. And now, we’re opening up expressions of interest for you to get involved, too.

How does it work?

  • If you’re an ensemble, business, or academic institution and keen to jump on board, get in touch.
  • It’s all free. CutCommon is self-funding, and when we go to print and send you some copies, you won’t have to pay a thing. Why? Because we care about our stories and want everyone to be able to access them.
  • If you’re hosting our publication at an event, we’ll give you plenty of promotion via our website, and a big word of THANKS as we acknowledge you inside our print magazine, for everyone to see and love.

We’ll send you more info when the time comes, but first you’ll need to give us a shout-out through your expression of interest.

EOI: How to be part of CutCommon’s inaugural print edition – ROVING LAUNCH

  • Email editor@cutcommon.com with ROVING LAUNCH in the subject.
  • Include in the body your name, and the organisation or group you represent.
  • Let us know very roughly how many copies you reckon you’d like us to post you, and how you’d like to jump on board as part of the roving launch (if your group or organisation has any events dated between February to August 2018, let us know).
  • And lastly, send through any questions you have!

Deadline for EOI: December 15

If you’d like to support CutCommon and help us cover the costs of sharing our stories, you can always become our friend (with benefits)…subscribe and receive the love <3

One year – $2 per month


  • You’ll get loads of benefits, and this means discounted tickets to gigs with your favourite groups including:
    • Australian Chamber Choir
    • Melbourne Youth Orchestras
    • Sydney Philharmonia Choirs
    • Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra
    • Guitar Brisbane
    • The Song Company
    • Sydney Youth Orchestras
    • Tasmanian Youth Orchestras
    • Flowers of War
    • Melbourne Philharmonia Project
    • Voyces
    • Adelaide Youth Orchestras
    • Melbourne Guitar Foundation
    • Inventi Ensemble
    • Western Australian Youth Orchestra
    • Australian Bach Society
    • Muses Trio
    • Dots+Loops
    • Luminescence Chamber Singers
    • Tinalley String Quartet
    • Marais Project
    • Arcko Symphonic Ensemble
    • Matt Withers Solo
    • Forest Collective
    • New Palm Court Orchestra
    • Melbourne Guitar Quartet
    • …and more as we go

Jump on board!

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