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Jakob Bragg (1990) draws on avant-garde and contemporary classical music influences. He studied composition at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2014 and receiving the A.G. Francis prize and Silver Harris & Jeff Peck composition prize. In 2015 Bragg received the Adolph Spivakovsky Prize for Composition (MCM/VCA) and second place in the Sydney Eisteddfod open age composition section. Bragg also participated in the Australian Youth Orchestra’s National Music Camp and his works have been performed by groups such as the Australian Youth Orchestra, Queensland Philharmonia, Kupka’s Piano, and the Queensland Saxophone Orchestra. Bragg’s compositions have appeared in the Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival, the Australian Saxophone and Clarinet Conference (Sydney) and the 2high Festival (Brisbane).


jakobElegy for Chamberlain. Jakob Bragg. Handwritten score for solo soprano. Text by Jayce McNeille. From the composer: “Elegy for Chamberlain pays tribute to the infamous case surrounding the death of Azaria Chamberlain. The piece follows the narrative of McNeille’s emotive poem, while the music emphasises and draws upon (often in the most extreme way) the hysteria, frustration and despair that Lindy Chamberlain must have experienced”.
yogah sampleYegâh. Jakob Bragg. Handwritten score for solo violin. From the composer: “Steeped in influences from Turkish music, Yegâh explores the idea of the taksim: improvised music that explores the entirety of a makam, often as a prelude to a structured or composed work. Yegâh refers to the note D4, where in Turkish music, each pitch is given a unique name, even across octaves. Firstly centred around the home pitch, this work slowly progresses higher and higher into this quasi makam, fleshing out more and more of its characteristics, sound and quality. Ornamentation and a bending of time is also exaggerated in this work, giving this notated score the free and organic feel of the taksim.



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