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Aleksander Pusz studied a percussion and composition at the Flinders St School of Music in Adelaide and a Bachelor with Honours in composition from Adelaide University. In 2013, Pusz won the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival Composition Composition and his work was performed by Syzygy Ensemble. He teaches percussion and performs across a range of styles from jazz to classical, taiko to flamenco.


cc squareRiver of the Ancient Galleon. Aleksander Pusz. Score for vibraphone and cello. Commissioned by Charles Darwin University in 2005. From the composer: “The piece lasts about eight minutes and is in three sections, which can be thought of as mixed-up memories, a dream sequence, and false memories of glory days”.
cc squareTemples. Aleksander Pusz. Score and parts for flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin, and cello. From the composer: “Temples was originally written while I was still a student in 1996. I made modifications afterwards and didn’t get to hear them until 2013 when Temples won the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival Composition Competition and was consequently performed by Melbourne’s Syzygy Ensemble during their Residency in Mildura that year”.
cc squareViscous Summer Days. Aleksander Pusz, 2000. Score for solo violin and vibraphone. From the composer: “Viscous Summer Days was written about the feeling of lethargy towards the end of a heatwave, and was an unpaid commission requested by Bogdan Kazmierczek (violin) and my father, Ryszard Pusz (percussion). Live performances tend to be around six minutes because the super slow tempo is very difficult to hold onto!”.
cc squareAldor the Alchemist. Aleksander Pusz. Score for piano. Movements: I. Aldor, Lost in Thought; II. First Concoction; III. Aldor Checks his Notes; IV. Second Concoction; V. The Transformation; VI. The Fumes, Making Aldor Dizzy; VII. The Old Cat Watches Disdainfully.



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