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Kammerklang is a hybrid art production company which commissions new Australian music, directed by composer Cameron Lam.


Kammerklang-KammerklangAlphaKammerklang: ALPHA (album). Featuring 13 tracks written for Kammerklang in 2009 and 2010, ALPHA features soloists Claire Edwardes (Ensemble Offspring), Jenny Duck-Chong (Halcyon), Alison Morgan (Halcyon), Emma Moore, Morgan Pearse and the Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra. This album spans the full gamut of Kammerklang works, from intimate solo and chamber music to bold and inventive works for voices and full chamber orchestra, all written by emerging Australian composers. Kammerklang is Sounds Made Real.
betaKammerklang: BETA (album). BETA draws together many chamber works from 2010-2014 written especially for Kammerklang by emerging Australian composers. This album features the Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra alongside guest artists Nexas Saxophone Quartet with solos by Jane Bishop (flute), Peter Smith (EWI), Kaylie Dunstan (percussion), and Rory Brown (bass). Kammerklang: BETA blends the analogue with the digital for an intricate and beautiful album of live instruments and electronics.



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