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Art and concert music composer Christopher Healey has a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University and during his studies received the Alan Lane and A.G. Francis prizes and further academic awards for his works. At Griffith, Healey started Colours of Creation – an annual series of concerts showcasing young Brisbane composers. Healey raised funds through a Pozible campaign to create the Dare CD Project featuring works of nine emerging Brisbane composers. He attended the 2011 International Youth Leadership Forum in Prague, and has received commissions from the Australian Piano Duo Festival, Queensland Conservatorium’s Percussion Department, and Brisbane City Council’s Street Reads project. The composer has received the MTAQ Audio-Visual Award, the Queensland Government’s Creative Young Stars grant, and has had works broadcast on ABC’s New Music Up Late.

Read our latest interview with the composer.


8Birches (recording). Christopher Healey. Solo flute performed by Brigette Tubb, recording and album art by Christopher Healey.
8Springtime Dances, Winter Weeps (recording). Christopher Healey. Solo flute performed by Brigette Tubb, recording and album art by Christopher Healey.
Birches cover2Birches (score). Christopher Healey. Score for solo flute or any treble instrument. From the composer: “Inspired by the poem by Robert Frost. The first few lines begin: ‘When I see birches bend to left and right/ Across the lines of straighter darker trees/ I like to think some boy’s been swinging them’.
 The themes of youth, spirituality, natural world and the human imagination, make it beautiful in Frost’s unique…style of writing. The work’s structure reflects this poem’s journey, moving from snowy ground, up, up, towards the heavens, only to fall back to earth”.
Springtime Cover2Springtime Dances, Winter Weeps (score). Christopher Healey. Score for solo flute. From the composer: “Springtime Dances, Winter Weeps is a work of contracts with two starkly different musical feels; it captures the bleakness of winter and the feverish play of spring. It is a virtuosic work that is a great contribution to the flute’s solo repertoire, and one which can be at home in a wide variety of concert programs”.
The Mountain Stairs. Christopher Healey. Score for solo piano. From the composer: “From the top of a plateau in India, standing more than 2,300 feet tall, is a stone spire. Carved into the stone itself is a staircase known today as the Climb to Heaven. It is believed the stairs were made to create a strategic lookout point, but who ordered their construction and from what enemy they sought to be forewarned, no one knows. However, the image struck me when I saw it amongst a collection of photos of abandoned places, and I couldn’t help but be drawn into the atmosphere of the scene. In particular the imagined susurrus of the wind and breaking of dawn upon the breathtaking panorama seen from atop the spire evoked a musical atmosphere which grew to become The Mountain Stairs“.




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