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Adelaide composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Thorpe is decimating the boundaries of genre.

Broad in Bradford, United Kingdom he completed a year of his tertiary studies at the University of California before delving into the “mystical sounding but very creatively rewarding” world of sonic arts and composition. In 2015, Dan completed a Master of Philosophy (Sonic Arts) at the University of South Australia. Last year, as he begins “doing the rounds” of classical composition, Dan became part of Ensemble Offspring’s Hatched Academy, and this year sees him attend the highSCORE festival in Italy.

But his most personal venture is his recently released album homecoming (three years later). Dan spoke with CutCommon about the very personal, intimate inspiration for his latest recordas well as the array of theories and techniques informing his work.

-By Lucy Rash

Dan Thorpe - homecoming (three years later) - cover homecoming (three years later). Dan Thorpe. Full album. 



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