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Melbourne composer and pianist Eli Simic-Prosic investigates new pathways for interacting with music history via the medium of improvisation. His works explore music’s capacity to create unique sonic spaces through repetition and elements of stasis as well as moments of rupture. His works have been performed by artists such as Nick Slaney and Ensemble Con Fuoco across venues including the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the University of Melbourne, Government House and the Cvijeta Zuzorić Arts Pavilion in Belgrade, Serbia. Simic-Prosic was featured as a composer/improviser in the 2014 Australasian Computer Music Association 60×60 program. He recently completed his Bachelor of Music from the University of Melbourne and has been taught by Elliott Gyger, Kevin March, Katy Abbott, Julian Yu and Linda Kouvaras.

Eli Simic-Prosic - publicity photo (1)

I/O. Eli Simic-Prosic. Recording of electroacoustic piece involving a disklavier. From the composer: “I/O explores multiple approaches to the sounds possible on the piano via electronic manipulation. Nothing is external; every element of the work originates in the analogue sounds made on the disklavier, a sort of modern, digitally-enabled version of the player piano”.




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