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Jochen Gutsch. Credit: A Lizard’s View.

Jochen Gutsch is a Sydney-based composer and musician. He grew up with classical music in Germany in the 1970s, playing trumpet in orchestras and smaller ensembles.

In the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s, Jochen developed an interest in alternative, independent and progressive rock music. During this time he formed several bands, toured in Europe and released many albums, mainly playing electric guitar. The music was loud and emotional, but also featured intricate details and unusual song structures.

In 2000, Jochen moved to Australia and started to perform under the name Hinterlandt, touring mostly as a semi-electronic, multi-instrumentalist solo act. In this format, Hinterlandt released numerous albums. The music was more experimental than before, with a strong narrative aspect. This led to composing music for acoustic quasi-chamber music formats. Hinterlandt became an ensemble featuring string players and other instruments. The group released its first album Ensemble in 2016, followed by Ode to Doubt in January 2017.

Ode to Doubt. Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt), 2017. Score and parts for full album. 7 movements across 40 minutes. To be performed by 6 musicians playing: 2 violin, cello, piano, trumpet, acoustic guitar, 2 voice, 2 xylophone, glockenspiel.

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Hinterlandt. Credit: Campbelltown Arts Centre / Chris Frape



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