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Joshua Rivory is a Brisbane composer who holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours in Composition) from the University of Queensland. He describes his work as rhythmically complex and overall minimalistic in form, and blends classical and popular music styles. Rivory has received two Percy Brier Composition Awards (2013, 2014). He writes for a range of instruments and incorporates electronics into his works.


Metamorphosis No.1 Photo RivoryMetamorphosis No. 1. Joshua Rivory. Full score for piano quartet. From the composer: “Ever morphing, ever changing. Always flowing, always growing. Metamorphosis No.1 begins with a gradual build, growing until it’s tumultuous, yet tranquil, climax. With a sudden change of heart in Part 2, the piece somewhat restarts only to reveal the original melody once again, this time much more energetic”.
Piano Trio No.1 PhotoEta Lyrae. Joshua Rivory. Full score and parts for large wind orchestra. From the composer: “Long ago, the celestial Emperor’s granddaughter, Zhino, was taken away from her true love; exiled to the far away constellation of Lyra. Once a year, the celestial river (milky way) is bridged by magpies with their wings open, allowing her true love to visit for one night. But he does not always make it….”.
Eta Lyrae Photo
Piano Trio No. 1. Joshua Rivory. Full score for piano, parts for violin and cello. From the composer, a poem:
“a winter’s dawn,
a sprinting fawn,
the unknown murmurs
through the haze
the splendour ruptures,
all things gone,
as we mourn”.




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