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Perth composer Josten Myburgh, 21, writes music for instruments and electronics, performs improvised music with saxophone or laptop, runs workshops on free improvisation, curates concerts of experimental music for Tura New Music, makes beat-based music that approaches territories of musique concrete and noise, and occasionally dances. Myburgh has performed Krakow Audio Art Festival, Festival Cable#8 in Nantes, The International Computer Music Conference, Perth’s Totally Huge New Music Festival, and participated in the WASO Composer’s Project and the Speak Percussion Emerging Artists Project. In 2015, he completed a Honours degree in Composition & Music Technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Josten‘chronicle’ I. Josten Myburgh, 2014. Score for solo clarinet in Eb. From the composer: “This piece was the winner of the ComposE Competition for solo Eb clarinet works. It borrows its structure from a ‘crudely sophisticated’ remix video made by an acquaintance of mine, which contained a lot of interesting repetitions and references in its collage-like reconstruction of the source film. It has quite a lattice-like form and is fairly rapid and dense, making use of a library of different sound production techniques”.
JostenSleeping in the Undertow. Josten Myburgh, words by Josh Wells. Score for SATB choir. From the composer: “A short piece that borrows influence equally from the impressionist language in the choral chansons of Debussy and Ravel, from the spacious and tense vocalisations of Heinz Holliger, and from the barking No-Wave chorus of Furious Pig. It is set closely to a text by my friend, photographer and writer Josh Wells”.
blessed, Very blessed. Josten Myburgh. Score for piano, contrabass, percussion, choir and electronics. From the composer: “A work written to be recorded for the Flaming Pines ‘Tiny Portraits’ compilation, this is a ‘sonic postcard’ of a location of general insignificance, but which brings forth strong memories and associations for me specifically (a brick wall in South Perth). It is an expansive, fragile and motionless piece with parts that are simple but require close listening. The electronics are for tape playback and so do not require a complex technical setup beyond a pair of speakers”.



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