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Michael Young is a Hobart based composer, conductor, and musician. Young is actively involved in the Tasmanian community band movement, and is Vice President of the Tasmanian Bands League. Young prefers to write for brass and concert bands, and is considered an emerging artist in the genre. He currently works as a classroom music teacher at Eastside Lutheran College, as well as a freelance brass and woodwind instrumental tutor


BANANA SAMPLE PICBanana Republic Rag. Michael Young. Score for solo piano. From the composer: “Banana Republic Rag comically explores former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s infamous reference to the Australian economy as being a ‘banana republic’. Using arch form, the piece explores how the Australian Dollar was a financial powerhouse in the 1960s before dropping in value for the decades that followed, and its resurgence in the wake of the global financial crisis in the late 2000s before finally reaching parity (and beyond) with the U.S. Dollar in October 2010. This piece features retrograde, tempo and theme variation to represent these concepts.
haunted SAMPLE PICHaunted House. Michael Young, 2009. Score for solo piano. From the composer: “A novelty piano piece for Halloween. It is a musical exposition on the sub-genre of the horror pop-fiction genre, which usually involves a haunted house and a group of children/teens/uni students who have heard many urban myths about this haunted house, and decide one night to explore the estate to find out if these myths are true. The piece is in ternary form, which is used to create a three-part haunted house story.
Meditations. Michael Young, 2011. Score of three movements for solo piano. Premiered by Thomas Misson at the University of Tasmania Composers’ Showcase Concert, 2012. From the composer: “Meditations is a set of three short pieces for piano. Each short piece is a reflection on a scene from nature. Meditation 1 – The Ripple Effect: A raindrop falls into the water. The impact of the raindrop causes ever-expanding ripples across the water. The distance between ripples gradually increases until they disappear completely. Meditation 2 – Autumn Leaves: In the autumn, certain trees shed away their foliage. The leaves disconnect and drift away; they momentarily dance in the wind before they fall to the ground. Meditation 3 – Pollination: Spring has arrived, and the plants resume their reproductive cycle. Spreading their pollen violently through the air, while agitating allergies in the process.
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