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Composer and classical guitarist Paul Ballam-Cross (1989) has a Bachelor of Music in Performance at the Queensland Conservatorium, received a Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence, and holds a Master of Information Studies from the University of Canberra. In 2011, Ballam-Cross was awarded a Regional Development grant. His composition style ranges from classical to indie and his works are performed on Brisbane music station 4MBS, on which he is also a radio host.

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Two Portraits of One Subject (recording). Composed by Paul Ballam-Cross, 2012 and performed by Campbell Ross. From the Composer: “Two Portraits of One Subject is a 10-minute work for solo guitar. Written for Belgian guitarist Trui Van Neck, the piece is inspired by the music of Robert Schumann. Encoded through the music are musical references to his name, built on the notes Eb, Bb, and C, as well as references to Schumann’s Fantasy Op. 131 for violin and orchestra, and the String Quartet Op. 41 No. 1. The first movement is intended as a representation of Schumann’s dreamy and melancholy character (who he referred to as Eusebius), and the second, displaying virtuosic tremolo technique throughout, represents Schumann’s more fiery side (Florestan)”.



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