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Thomas Misson

Hobart composer, pianist, and arranger Thomas Misson’s music has been featured on ABC Classic FM and his music played by the Tasmanian Discovery Orchestra. Since 2011, he has maintained regular accompanying and performing commitments with choirs all around Hobart, exams and auditions for conservatoriums and orchestral piano work alongside his Bachelors degree in composition. Misson is also a regular contributor to CutCommon.


Saturday Night Tuberculosis. Thomas Misson. Score for solo piano. From the composer: “This piece was commissioned by Hobart pianist Jack Barnes in 2014. Jack’s flair for rhythmic and percussive works made for a clear brief: a percussive and virtuosic work bursting at the seams with adrenaline with flashes of progressive rock, jazz, and drum and bass”.


Kunanyi Ascent. Thomas Misson. Score for solo violin. 2016. From the composer: “A solo violin piece written for Emily Sheppard depicting a matutinal experience of Kunanyi full of panflute, birdsong and rustling of vegetation”. Kunanyi is the first and Indigenous name for Mount Wellington in Tasmania.
Piano Sonata. Thomas Misson. Score for solo piano. 2017. From the composer: “Cast in five movements, this piece tracks a 27-minute journey from comfort and love to mental illness”. Five movements include: Auspices Ex Avibus, Ardent Narcosis, Asphyxic Purgatory, Amygdalic Blitz, and Aftermath. This piece took 1000 hours to write and was composed for pianist Jack Barnes.


Image of Kunanyi: Martine Turmine via Flickr CC2.0.


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