Shop: Tim Yarham

Tim started playing violin when he was 9, before switching to clarinet two years later. Since then he has learnt a number of instruments, performing on recorder, clarinet, saxophone, and timpani as a soloist and with a range of groups. Yarham has always had a passion for writing words and music. He has written many short works for chamber groups including the Old Earth Suite, feeling a small group allows him to explore a range of emotions and scenes. Currently working in the school system, Yarham helps young people to learn problem solving and encourages them to pursue their dreams.


Old Earth Suite. Tim Yarham. Full score and parts for orchestra. Four movements (I. Lament for Old Earth, II. A New Beginning, III. Struggle for New Earth, IV Finale – Finding Home). From the composer: “At its most basic, the Old Earth Suite is a science fiction story. The world has been destroyed, or abandoned. The opening lament reflects on the earth that was, full of wonder and life. The second movement depicts a small group of people sitting around a campfire, finding joy in a simple dance. Struggle for New Earth is about the stories of different people, sometimes working together, sometimes separately, all working towards the new Earth. The Finale is the triumph of a journey completed, a new home. On a deeper level, the Old Earth Suite is also the story of a life. Replace the word ‘Earth’ with ‘Life’. It represents a journey through difficult times, when hope was fading, but in the end we triumph once again”.


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