Composer Secrets: Daniel Thorpe

July 19, 2017

BY HANLI SEAN BOTHA, COMPOSER Composer Secrets is our interview series from Hanli Sean Botha, whose vision is to build awareness of new Australian composition. These […]

Mofo #1: Ensemble Offspring

January 21, 2016

BY THOMAS MISSON   Ensemble Offspring Mofo Nolan Gallery, Mona, 16 January   The Nolan Gallery played host to a large, unattended percussion set-up with […]

Live Review: Ensemble Offspring

March 31, 2015

BY ANGUS MCPHERSON   ‘Sizzle’ Ensemble Offspring Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville, 29 March 2015   A quote from John Cage was taped to a marimba […]

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