Behind the Conversation with Lisa Cheney

September 18, 2017

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE/MAKING WAVES   Have you had a listen to the Making Conversation podcast? On this day in August, the series co-founder Lisa Cheney […]

Composer Secrets: Peggy Polias

June 19, 2017

BY HANLI SEAN BOTHA, COMPOSER Composer Secrets is our new interview series from Hanli Sean Botha, whose vision is to build awareness of new Australian […]

Behind the Conversation with Matthew Lorenzon

May 18, 2017

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE/MAKING WAVES   Have you had a listen to the new Making Conversation podcast? Music journalist Matthew Lorenzon settles in for a chat with composer May […]

Making Waves podcast debuts on ABC Classic FM

January 19, 2017

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE   In 2016, two Australian composers launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign that would unite emerging arts practitioners across the country for a special […]

At what point do we stop emerging?

August 22, 2016

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE   I’ve been wondering something lately, and I don’t think I’m alone. What does it mean to be an ’emerging’ artist? And when […]

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