Breaking Piano Stools: Jack Barnes

July 11, 2015

BY THOMAS MISSON   Is their piece harder? Are the playing faster than me? Are they younger than me? Did they start playing seriously before […]

Crossing Boundaries: Quintessential Doll

September 21, 2014

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE   Brisbane composer Stephanie Linsdell (aka Quintessential Doll) isn’t afraid to cross musical boundaries. Despite her background in classical piano, the artist […]

Key to Jazz: Tom Vincent

April 25, 2014

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE If there’s one style that’s stayed timelessly cool since it first hit the clubs, it’s gotta be jazz. Australian pianist and composer […]

A Master Pianist: Freddy Kempf

April 25, 2014

BY STEPHANIE ESLAKE Freddy Kempf isn’t your everyday pianist. While most of us spent our childhood learning how to read and write, Freddy was off […]

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